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This analysis will give you general information about your personality. It is meant to help enhance your self-awareness and your ability to address present concerns, make important decisions, and realize life goals.

This study is based on your astral chart. When you were born, each of the planets in the solar system had a precise position in the zodiac. Your astral chart reflects these positions, and the interpretation of your chart yields information about your signs and astrological houses and their influence on you. It is said that in astrology, your unconscious self is not hidden - it is written. We invite you to read what is written about you in the stars.

This study is broken down into the following categories:

Character and Personality

The following paragraphs concern the study of YAKI's personality, as induced by the positions of the planets and Rising sign. Some of the character traits mentioned may seem completely contradictory and incompatible. This is because the rough-hewn personality is a rarity. Usually, individuals are made up of a subtle orchestration of many different tones or aspects. However, serious introspection or detailed analysis should make it possible to distinguish the opposing or diverging images comprising YAKI's overall character, and perhaps, in time, find the best and most harmonious way to integrate them.

YAKI has a dual nature. Two tendencies dwell within his psyche: one is related to his instincts, and endows him with supreme strength and intense material desires, and the other flows from a higher psychic authority, the superego or human ideal, and inspires him with a precise awareness of his purpose and dignity as a human being among his fellows. The distinctiveness,if not the opposition, between these two tendencies is likely to trouble his quest for inner harmony at times. However, the difficulty he must overcome is not limited to a conflict between these two natures. Instead, he must choose which direction the energy generated by the contradiction will take. In other words, in more practical terms, if YAKI identifies with the power residing in society and the complex interactions of human beings, he can find one goal, one direction in which the power can lead. The positive side of this nature is the cohesive and all-encompassing understanding he derives from it. In daily life, he could be a resourceful and valuable organizer, designer, leader, or legislator. In fact, he has the native skills necessary for managing and leading a team of co-workers. The coherence of his thought is apt to enable him to budget and organize human energies for maximum profit and minimum loss. Overlooking from the outset trivial details and a tendency to be unable to see the forest for the trees, he can implement global, methodical systems and structures to solve problems. On another level, YAKI has a nature profoundly attached to morality and ethics. He conceives of ethics as a practical system for human relations, not an idealistic and unattainable dream. Indeed, it should be noted that it is inexact to call him an idealist. If he seeks an ideal, it is based on what already exists, by organizing it and putting it into practice, by seeing it operate smoothly and efficiently. His originality comes from the fact that he always strives to go beyond common sense in search of a new perspective, which would enrich the spirit and transform values. All of these skills and resources predispose YAKI to devote himself to society. In the process, however, he is likely to overdo it to such a degree that his own personality is overshadowed. That is, he would identify too heavily with his social mask (his persona), and lose his awareness of his individuality.

YAKI yearns for a purpose in life, even faraway or abstract.

YAKI's personality develops mainly in the shelter of the home: he is attached to his family, his heritage, and his past.

At the time of YAKI's birth, his Rising Sign was located in Leo (the Lion), while the Sun was passing through the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer). Both are ruled by the same element, FIRE, which augurs a certain cohesiveness for his character. A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide YAKI's personality profile; the following key words distill the essence of his character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Narcissism - Impetuosity - Determination - Enthusiasm - Pride and self-assurance - Group spirit - Superiority - Impressionability - Brilliance - Analytical mind - Generosity - Worldliness - Positivism - Projection.

YAKI's energetic, generous personality, his contagious optimism, makes him an engaging and pleasant person to know. Combined with his emotionalism, his dynamism gives him a great deal of originality and style. However, driven by his narcissism, he may devote a great deal of his powers to obtaining even more admiration (magnificent promises, authority, etc.). This is why some people perceive him as vain and pretentious, worldly and superficial. Because of his outspoken, straightforward ways, a tendency to make generalizations, and a taste for flattery, he must be careful not to make mistakes in judgment or evaluation.

Born in seven to ten days after the rising of the New Moon, YAKI is said to be a " First Quarter " lunar type. This " soli-lunar " configuration means that his character is strong-willed and sometimes proud, always determined to buck convention and innovate. Monotony is unbearable to him, and he chafes under the yoke of routine. As a result, he often runs into trouble with authority figures. When overwhelmed by his conscience, he raves about how destructive it is to long for the past, hos ridiculous it is to be old-fashioned, and how obsolete the old values are. Generally speaking, his monthly energy flow crests about seven to ten-and-a-half days after the Full Moon. He would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects. At that time, his initiatives will be most successful, especially if he is trying to create something new and original: cutting edge!

Due to the influence of Jupiter dominating his birth chart, YAKI has undeniable social ambition and many resources with which to achieve it (see CAREER POTENTIAL). Relatively confident in himself and his abilities, he has the potential to be a leader and chief. It therefore seems probable that he will rise to success. However, he should question himself about what sort of success he seeks, and at what price. He should be aware that the taste of victory may be bitter if he finds he has sacrificed other aspects of life, like love, friendship, or creativity, to obtain it. He must consciously select what he is willing to invest in order to secure honor, money, and social consideration.

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