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Date of Birth: December 10, 1967
Time of Birth: 09:15 PM
Birthplace: Łódź, Poland


This analysis will give you a general understanding of your motivations, strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to your career. It is meant to be used as a tool for reflection to help you better discern your goals and abilities in this area.

This study is based on your astral chart. When you were born, each of the planets in the solar system had a precise position in the zodiac. Your astral chart reflects these positions, and the interpretation of your chart yields information about your signs and astrological houses and their influence on you. This information can enhance your efforts to make important career decisions.

This study is broken down into the following categories:




Professional Diagnosis

A professional forecast is the result of a complex analysis. The human personality is so full of complications and contradictions that a given individual is quite likely to succeed in a field quite other than his primary sphere of competence; likewise, it is altogether possible for him to fail in what he had always been told was his natural calling. Moreover, psychological compensation mechanisms, which are entirely unpredictable at the outset, can make drastic changes in an individual's innate abilities (i.e. Toulouse-Lautrec's determination to succeed as an artist despite his physical handicap). Sociological data have demonstrated at length that an individual's destiny is overwhelmingly influenced by the social and cultural background into which he is born. But we cannot take such important criteria into consideration here. The intention of this forecast is to point out YAKI's true motivations, and the chief psychological functions which have contributed to his social and professional identity. We will complete the description with an analysis of his behavior and advice about the best approach to adopt in dealing with life.

Talents and Abilities:

Sober and disciplined, YAKI plans out his career with application and organizes his own work and that of others with care and precision. This great foresight would serve him well in a leadership capacity, although success is not his primary goal. His lack of flexibility with people and procedures may hinder him at times, making some of his tasks more difficult to accomplish. However, his persistence and ability to commit himself to a long-term plan will enable him to succeed with time- and energy-consuming projects.

He has a definite talent for taking initiative and starting ambitious projects; however, he sometimes runs out of steam, and does not always have the energy to complete what he has started. Paired with an efficient partner, this slight defect would be corrected, and he would learn to budget his energy better.

YAKI likes to reorganize, reconstruct, and recycle cast-off ideas and equipment. He relishes the challenge of salvaging a business or an object which is obsolete or in decline. His own professional career may be subject to a complete metamorphosis, in which a new activity would be born from the ashes of an old one. He is stubborn and persistent, and motivated mainly by the prospect of finding a reward in his work.

At work, YAKI is a veritable powerhouse. His continual need to assert his individual initiative and give a virtuoso performance drives him to accept many a challenge, for better or for worse. Because he enjoys gauging his strength and abilities, he tends to thrive in a competitive environment. Generally, he is able to electrify any team of which he is a member; however, his energy is sometimes difficult to harness to the goal set by the group.

Ambitions and Motivations:

As a worker, YAKI will follow his career plans with persistence and tenacity. Once he defines his professional role and begins to implement his system of production or work, nothing will be able to stop him. He is pragmatic and sometimes even rigorous, but his initial motivation is the profitability of his time and talents. He is creative, and has a sense of artistry and design. Conversely, he is sometimes destabilized or impaired by sudden changes he did not initiate himself.

The words that are his keys to success:

Exchange - Bind together - Diplomacy - Balance - Justice - Hesitation.

YAKI's social status is influenced by his circle of friends. He hopes to write, to speak, and to travel.

YAKI's perfectionism and scrupulousness sometimes hobble him with short-sightedness and inhibition in his search for a way to fit into society. His striving for discipline and order may cramp his expansion and keep him from obtaining mastery over a material world in which he is too closely engaged. He is so meticulous about the details of his job that he sometimes fails to see the whole picture. It is hard for him to stand back and assess all his resources and possibilities, so he is sometimes forced to toil away at correcting the little mistakes he encounters on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, his manual and intellectual talents and his logical and analytical mind are the key to a number of career possibilities: teaching technical or hard science, medicine, etc.

In his striving to accomplish and renew his potential, both professionally and socially, YAKI plays the role of the relay, the middleman, the reporter, the retailer. More than any other, he has an ability to deal with daily emergencies quickly and directly. It is easy for him to adapt to an established field of activity. He is not picky about his work and does not invest too much of his ego into it. Rather than specializing in a single field, he might try to develop his skills in a variety of areas. He might also manage tangible goods, ideas, information, anything related to reports, archives, written work organization, and any other kind of paper work (journalism, teaching, communications media, etc.).

Career Keywords:

YAKI should be able to succeed using his sense of organization, his intellectual ability to summarize and draw conclusions, and the broad scope of his ideas and projects which are usually in the public interest and win other people's approval easily. His refusal of boundaries, his excessiveness, and his identification with his social persona, however, could be drawbacks for him.

The desire for power and greatness is a strong motivation for YAKI. He is fairly self-confident and may sometimes tend to be domineering.

Instinctive Motivations:

Solidarity or independence; desire to perform.

Aggressiveness, need for admiration, need for power, virility.

Pronounced narcissism, independence, self-assertiveness.

Restraint, control, discipline, excellence.

Primary Psychological Functions:

Binding, enlarging, grouping, unifying.

Need for activity and exercise.

Display; assertion of domination.

Perceiving, identifying, establishing, justifying.

Career Activities and Resources:

Ordering, coordinating, organizing, distributing, spreading, representing, judging.

Taking action, creating, transforming, innovating.

Creating, leading, shining, evaluating, performing, guiding.

Controlling, counting, filing, analyzing, measuring, refining, grasping, checking, regulating, fabricating, providing care.

Symbolic Tools and Elements:

Foreign lands, the remote; horses, boats, airplanes, and other means of transportation; wood.

Metal, fire, machines, engines; animals, people.

His own body; valuable artistic objects; society, culture.

Health, animals, small objects, manufactured goods.

Synthesis and Advice

Many people mistakenly believe that astrology is too deterministic. However, as even the ancients said, " The stars incline but do not determine. " In fact, the astral chart is evidence that each of us is accountable only to himself for his life and his destiny. Neither Heaven nor the occasional Hell of human contacts can be held responsible for the situation down here on Earth. Astrology shows us that life is what we make of it: all we really obtain is what we decide to accomplish ourselves, of our own volition.

If YAKI really wants to improve and transform himself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding him back and preventing his evolution:
- His need to bluff
- His idealism
- His inability to manage certain things
- His instability
- His unwillingness to change certain opinions

As a young man, YAKI may feel out of phase with the social conventions and belief systems regulating his community, or the ethical codes he is supposed to follow. Although, like anyone, he wants to become a productive and valuable member of society, the models of success and achievement he sees around him don't particularly inspire him, for some reason. In order for him to find his own individual way to fit in, he will have to go through a period of long, hard introspection and self examination, if he has not done so already. This intense introspection will yield a new self-image, a new identity, and a new vision of the world. It will be a turning point in his way of participating in society. Possible opportunities for introspection include a major journey, or advanced studies, etc.

For YAKI, the main goal to aim for, in order to give purpose and meaning to his life, is to train his intellectual mechanisms to go from the specific to the general, and from the down-to-earth to the abstract. It might be necessary for him to broaden his consciousness, either by learning foreign languages and developing relationships with people from different cultures, studying philosophy or religion, or traveling. He must do so with the intention of opening himself up to a variety of cultures, art forms, and ways of thinking. If he remains at the level of collecting information and facts, he will never organize and weave the disparate threads of knowledge into a rich tapestry of wisdom.

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