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Ideally a position in the area of Finance in an international company with stimulating work environment.

Summary of

  • Advanced in controlling of the organisation financial position.
  • Very well prepared for organising and maintaining reporting rules within organisation.
  • Experienced in annual variable and fixed budgets preparations (six done individually: 2 in ABB, 3 in VF, 1 in Teleplan) and monitoring (monthly costs reaching 1'000 TUSD).
  • Very good command of different computer software (MICROSOFT Office: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, LOTUS: 1-2-3, WordPro, Freelance, Approach, ccMail, Lotus Notes). Experienced in working on different financial systems (SAP R/3, Platinum, JBA, Safo 2000, IFS)), took part in implementations of SAP R/3, JBA, Safo 2000 and IFS.
  • Good knowledge of Polish and USGAAP accounting rules.
  • Very good command of English (EAP Oxford - Business English course). Possible fast improvement in French.
  • Extremely self motivated and a fast learner....Very good communication skills: presentation, oral and written....Process information quickly, accurately and organise data logically....Plan and organise work efficiently, good follow-through with careful attention to detail


2004 - 2005
Teleplan Polska

Bydgoszcz, Poland

--/Dutch/ International service provider for electronic equipment repair/--

Interim Financial Manager (through Interim Management Solutions)

  • Taken over duties of former Financial Manager and Financial Controller, responsible for accounting and purchasing departments - assured stability in those teams.
  • Improved reporting functions, assisted external auditors for 2003 and 2004, created budget for 2005 and prepared the management team to use it, rearranged and described chart of accounts, arranged wide scale of necessary insurances, assisted IFS implementation team, achieved expected communication level between the site and HQ, established clear funding rules.
Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska

Katowice, Poland

--/Canadian aerospace and railway manufacturer /--

Project Financial Controller

  • Started control of some international projects.
  • Took part in the team implementing additional features of the BAAN system (project budget, project forecast, POC).
2000 - 2003
Star Foods S.A.

Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland

--/Greek chips & snacks manufacturer and logistics operator/--

Financial Specialist

  • Member of an Implementation Team responsible for implementation of the Safo 2000 system in the area of warehousing.
  • Started preparations for implementation of Profit Centre system with independent balance sheets and P&L's.
  • Reorganized the warehouses (change of indexes, creation of new stores and procedures for reporting, organization and control over stock-takes).
1997 - 2000
VF Polska

Łódź, Poland

--/American jeans apparel manufacturer; best known brands Wrangler, Lee, H.I.S./--

Accounting Manager

  • Conducted the department from one financial system to another getting good response from the accounting team (three accountants) and meeting the shift date well prepared.
  • Responsible for the creation of Chart of Accounts for implementation of JBA and establishing useful reports from the system concerning accounting and production matters.
  • Responsible for developing accurate standard costs / transfer prices for over 2,500 stock keeping units, perpetual inventory and fixed assets management, monthly production reporting and variance analysis.
  • Increased the scope of tasks performed in the department (added system of gathering and presenting financial and production data, fixed assets register, outlet shop sales, domestic payments via Home Banking, archiving of booking documents) and increased the work efficiency by reorganising tasks and utilisation of up-to-date software.
  • Prepared monthly analysis of the plants' standard overhead absorption positions, raw materials purchase prices variances and foreign currency variances for senior management, provide analysis of actual spending versus plan.
  • Responsible for daily operations of the accounting department.
  • Gave training to new inexperienced employees hired for replacement (each year new person).
  • Organised yearly stock takes of raw materials, WIP & FG of value exceeding 3'000 TUSD
  • Decreased the reporting time from 7 to 2 days by better use of computer software.
1994 - 1997
ABB Elta

Łódź, Poland

--/Swiss-Swedish manufacturer for electro-energetic industry /--

Division Financial Controller

  • Actively participated in SAP R/3 implementation. Responsible for arranging system parameters concerning accounting and controlling modules.
  • Established good relationship with worldwide customers.
  • Decreased the Days in Receivables ratio by strict control over receivables. Skilled in making customers pay on time.
  • Created tools for order backlog analysis.
  • Pioneered calculation of orders profitability.
  • Collected and prepared quarterly and annual financial report information.
  • Prepared internal financial statements and related returns ratio calculations. Performed analysis of balance sheet and income statement accounts both pro-actively and at the request of senior management.
  • Administered forecast models for annual budgets and interim financial reviews.
USWest Polska

Łódź, Poland

--/"Yellow pages" catalogue/--

Advertising Consultant

  • Ads collection for "Panorama Firm".
DIKOM s.c.

Łódź, Poland


  • Owner of the company offering advertising in local TV network. Preparation of TV ads.


Northern Telecom Ltd.

Maidenhead, Great Britain

--/British telecom operator & telecom systems supplier; currently known as Nortel/--

  • training in the Marketing Department; preparing data about Russia and offer brochure, project cost calculation.
1989 - 1994
University of Łódź

Łódź, Poland

  • Master of Science in Economics. Management and Marketing Faculty.

Additional information

Sex: male, Nationality: Polish, Marital status: single.
Date and place of birth: December 10th, 1967; Łódź, Poland.


Modern and contemporary art, mindmapping, emotional intelligence, genealogy.

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